Welcome to the Coolblue Yearbook 2021. I am proud to share our achievements and results of 2021 on this website. 2021 was an eventful year, but also a year of growth. We opened new online and offline stores, including our first physical store in Germany, showed our work behind the screens through our Code Museum, and installed new machines in our Warehouse. We shipped more packages than ever before and we launched Coolblue Energy: the energy company for anyone that wants to reduce their energy consumption.

Our efforts in 2021 allow us to continue to grow in 2022. We will expand our infrastructure in Germany and continue to do Alles für ein Lächeln. We will proceed with integrating the Coolblue Energy proposition to help customers to further reduce their energy bill. Lastly, we will do everything we can to see each other more often again.

All that is left for me to say is: thank you. To our customers, who inspire us to do a little bit better every day. To our shareholders, for their support and trust in Coolblue. And to all Coolbluers, who make anything for a smile possible.

With a smile,