I am proud to present the Coolblue Yearbook 2020. On this website, we share the developments and results of 2020. A very unusual year, in which we learned more than ever. The year in which we learned what it means to be truly Coolblue.

We became even more flexible and kept going for it throughout the year. We started delivering more orders by bike, began installing charging stations at our customers, and opened new stores: Home Office Stores for business customers and physical stores. We again made an increasing number of customers happy in the Netherlands and in Belgium, and for the first time in Germany as well.

What was most special about this, however, was the fact that we did this together. It is for this reason that I am positively looking forward to 2021. It is going to be a year in which we, together, will open new stores, launch new propositions such as Coolblue Energy, amaze even more customers, and hopefully see each other more often again.

To conclude, I want to thank our customers, who make us a little bit better every day. Our shareholders, for their unwavering support. And all Coolbluers, for their flexibility and everything they do to simply amaze. Thank you.

With a smile,