We have 6,361 Coolbluers working with us, such as customer service employees, developers, bike delivery drivers, and solar panel installation experts. We continuously welcome new friends and offer them more than just jobs: we offer them careers and all the training opportunities that come with it.

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We believe in careers rather than jobs, which is why we strongly emphasize training and growth. We offer our Coolbluers various educational opportunities and (online) training courses to help them shape their own growth plan.


In September 2020, we opened our own Schuurschool (Warehouse school) in a collaboration project with ROC Tilburg. This is a certified, 2-year training at secondary vocational level that teaches students everything there is to know about logistical processes. The students work in our warehouse from day one of their training.

After they have completed their training, they are offered a permanent position at Coolblue and plenty of next-step options. This way, we provide students with an education, valuable work experience, and an official diploma. At the same time, we can welcome employees that have had thorough training.


At our own internal educational institute, the Suniversity, we train our Solar Panel Installation Experts. We recruit these experts from our own delivery drivers and give them the opportunity to take the next step in their career.

Next Steps

In 2020, 1,751 Coolbluers have grown into a new position. We share the success stories of Shaqeel, Daan and Sanne.

Shaqeel Zimmerman

Shaqeel, famous for the Coolblue hit song, started as a Delivery Driver in our Apeldoorn depot and grew into the position of Built-in Installer. Now that we have started with white goods repairs at the customer’s home, Shaqeel has found an opportunity to develop himself even further. He is currently following an internal training to become White Goods Technician and has already made many customers happy with repaired white goods.

Daan van Lier

Daan started as a Logistics Employee, but soon found out that his true passion is analyzing data. He grew into the position of Lead Analyst and is now Manager Analytics Finance & Operations. Together with his team of analysts, he supports the supply chain based on data analyses.

Sanne Vlaardingerbroek

Sanne started as Cross-sell Manager, grew into the role of Product Owner, then into the role of Domain Boss Ordering, and is now Head of Business Journeys. Every day, she uses her talents to rapidly expand Coolblue Business Journeys. Sanne for example launched the Home Office Stores proposition, of which she and her team opened 41 in 2020.

Go Social

Best supporting role

We like to go the extra mile for our friends inside and outside Coolblue. For example by sharing our knowledge and resources, and through Coolbluers that actively put themselves out there.

Sharing our knowledge and infrastructure

In 2020, our marketing experts freed some of our ad space which could be used for charities, such as the Red Cross. This way, the charities were able to reach additional people. No less than 6 million people saw their advertisements. We also donated products from our assortment to charities or initiatives with a social purpose. Together with our investor HAL, for example, we made over 3,000 tablets available for students of primary schools in Rotterdam that could really use them.


Because of the global pandemic in 2020, there was a sudden increase in demand for safe face masks. Together with KLM, Randstad, and Flexport, we helped the ‘Hulptroepen.nu’ initiative at the start of the year to deliver safe face masks to smaller, local care institutions. By joining forces, we were able to create a sustainable and monitored supply chain, consisting of production, quality control, transport, and delivery. With our own expertise and infrastructure, we were able to contribute to the distribution of face masks, without profit motive. We did so through a webshop that was specifically designed for this purpose, our warehouse, and our delivery service. Hulptroepen has delivered over 3 million face masks to more than 4,000 care institutions.