We have 7,386 Coolbluers working with us, each with their own speciality and ambitions, and all fundamental to our success. We offer them careers rather than jobs, with all the facilities to make their growth possible.

Our coolbluers

All for one

Entrepreneurial culture

Of great values

Coolblue has a unique entrepreneurial culture. It is what Coolbluers make together, what connects us, and what we preserve together. This culture is rooted in our 4 core values: Unconventional, Friends, Go for it, and Flexible. They are of such importance to us, that they can even be found written on our walls.


In our recruitment process, we look at more than just a candidate’s suitability for the position. We also establish whether they are a match with our culture.

Customized application journeys

We create customized application journeys for different target groups, such as delivery drivers and software developers. Throughout the entire journey, we tailor to the needs of the applicants, allowing us to make the perfect match. We provide location-specific vacancies, which give applicants a more detailed explanation of the position. Vacancies applicable for international candidates are displayed on our English recruitment website with information about relocation possibilities we offer included. Our approach, for which we received the “Digitaal Werven” award in 2021, allows us to attract new talent. In 2021, we received 96,523 job applications, of which the majority was generated organically.

We also differentiate in the way we select candidates. Once a candidate for our customer service or stores has submitted their application, we invite them for a virtual trial day at one of our locations. This allows both us and the candidates to see whether we are a real match. For CoolblueDelivers, we invite candidates for selection days, for which they first receive videos via WhatsApp to prepare themselves. During the selection day, we simulate the delivery of a white goods appliance at one of our depots. This enables us to assess candidates on their practical competencies as well.


New Coolbluers are immersed in our company culture from day one. During our Paint it Blue day, all our new friends learn about Coolblue, its history, its core values, and how they translate into the goals of their specific department. To make these core values more tangible, we have created domain-specific culture booklets. These booklets contain practical examples and behaviors for each of our core values, such as how we do something extra for our customers, especially when they do not expect it. Or that we embrace the fact that we are all unique.

Coolblue Careers

Firm belief

We believe in careers rather than jobs, which is why we strongly emphasize training and growth. We offer our Coolbluers various educational opportunities and (online) training courses to help them shape their own growth plan.

Structured growth paths

We encourage Coolbluers to take the next step in their career. To help them with this, we have established various growth paths. One of the starting points for logistical careers in our warehouse is the Schuurschool. This 2-year training at secondary vocational level teaches students everything there is to know about logistical processes. On top of this, we offer them a position at Coolblue and plenty of next-step options.

Delivery employees also have distinctive growth paths they can follow. If they choose to specialize, they can grow into the role of television or white goods installation expert. From there, they can ultimately become certified solar panel installers at our Suniversity. Should they opt for a managerial role, they are first trained to become team leads. After various steps, they can grow into the role of Operations Manager.

Next Steps

5, 6, 7, 8

In 2021, 2,684 Coolbluers grew into a new position. We share the success stories of Sanne Govers, Rik Rustenhoven, and Mark Wassenaar.

Sanne Govers

Sanne started as a Landing Page Specialist. From there, she grew into the role of Customer Journey Specialist, then became Manager Closed Communities, and now fulfills the role of Manager Candidate Journeys. With her team, Sanne ensures that our Careers at Coolblue websites meet our various target audiences, ranging from delivery employees to developers, so every candidate wants to apply for the job at Coolblue they like.

Rik Rustenhoven

Rik started at Coolblue in January 2020 as a Customer Service Employee while he was still completing his studies. When he graduated, he had already become part of the support team for televisions. He became curious about the underlying processes, in particular customer journeys. In December 2021, he became the Product Manager for tablet covers. He currently works on the improvement of the assortment and cross-sell possibilities for this product type.

Mark Wassenaar

Mark started as a Bike Delivery Driver as a job for the summer holidays when we were starting up CoolblueBikes in Utrecht. After the holidays, he stepped it up a gear and, as newly appointed Front Runner, became responsible for onboarding new colleagues and managing the morning shift. Not long after, he took on the role of Junior Shift Lead and became responsible for multiple hubs. He now works as a Medior Shift Lead, manages the largest bike hub in Utrecht, and represents CoolblueBikes in the Works Council.

Proactive support in personal development

To facilitate personal growth in the organization, we offer various educational opportunities. At our Coolblue University, we offer over 90 training courses, 368 e-learning modules, and 6 internal internships. All these are aimed at different target groups within Coolblue and are taught by specialized internal and external trainers. Through the mentorship program, we stimulate experienced Coolbluers to share their knowledge with Coolbluers who seek to improve their skills. At the same time, this 3-month program allows the mentors to perceive the organization from a different perspective. Thus, they also learn from their mentees. In 2021, we introduced a new Growth Accelerator program for Coolbluers who work at our office and pursue a role as a senior or team lead. Over the course of the program, they improve their interpersonal and leadership skills to become more proficient in coaching colleagues and managing stakeholders.

Friend Shares

We do not just want Coolbluers to feel part of the organization, but actually be a part of it. For this reason, we directly employ almost everyone working at Coolblue. As a way of thanking them and underlining their importance to Coolblue, everyone who had been working at Coolblue for at least a year in 2021 received Friend Shares. This means that they are not just Coolbluers, but also Coolblue co-owners. They received a physical certificate that states their ownership. This ownership allows Coolbluers to personally benefit from achieving Coolblue’s 2 goals: optimizing NPS and EBITDA.